Benefits of Yoga

We challenge you to CHANGE YOUR LIFE with YOGA BLESSINGS.
Are you Depressed? Stressed? Overweight? Overwhelmed with anxiety and frustrations?
Together we can create the space for your mental and physical transformation.

I challenge you to take 3+ yoga classes with us, each week for 8 Weeks.
In 8 weeks you will notice a shift in your overall wellbeing.
Transformation includes greater sense of stability and flexibility, and quite possibly at the end of this unexpected journey you will notice a connection to a more PEACEFUL you!

We would like to share with you effective ways to reduce stress, transform your body, become present, manage emotions and uplift your Spirit.

You don't have to have prior yoga experience or be flexible. The classes and workshops are not about how flexible you are right now, but rather your intention for your body and the state of your mind. Becoming perceptive and in tune with your physical sensations allows you to experience interconnectedness, unity, and wholeness. These are the basics of learning how to heal from stressful conditions and create a state of total well being.

Practicing Yoga REGULARLY will help you re-establish both mental and physical equilibrium, enabling you to experience the feelings of letting go and surrendering what no longer serves you. This creates a greater focus on the present moment with a sense of inner peace and gratitude.

Yoga offers you the opportunity to pause and re-connect to what is important to you.

Quieting the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT effortlessly bequeaths HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND WELLBEING!