Group Classes

YOGA 101 & Beginner Yoga is for those with little or no previous yoga experience and anyone who enjoys a slow-paced yoga class. This class introduces students to fundamental yoga postures and will include more stopping for direct instruction, which includes stretching, strengthening, balance and alignment in the postures. Meditation is included.

Gentle Yoga: A class which focuses on stretching rather than strength. This class has a slower, more meditative pace, with fewer, if any standing postures. Gentle classes are ideal for those recovering from injury.​

Hatha Yoga: In Sanskrit, "ha" means "sun" and "tha" means "moon"-- this type of yoga is about bringing balance to the body and mind. The practice goes through a sequence of centering, warm-ups, and traditional poses designed to stretch and strengthen the body while focusing the mind. Breathwork to clear the emotions and modifications are provided for all levels.

Thai Yoga: A form of integrative body work that creates balance in the body, mind and spirit, is the perfect form of massage to assist you in meeting your goals. Performed on the floor, with the receiver fully clothed, Thai Yoga Massage accesses parts of the body that traditional massage does not. As a result, Thai Yoga Massage is excellent for helping issues like sciatica, low back pain, chronic shoulder pain, headaches, back tension and general muscle strains. Because of the rhythmic nature of Thai Yoga Massage, it is a form of bodywork that deeply soothes the nervous system, improves circulation, and tones endocrine and respiratory systems while reducing the muscular tension and spasms. It also helps expedite metabolism, boost the immune system, and helps to balance the body energetically while inducing a calm, meditative mental state.

​Yin Yoga: A practice that takes you ever deeper, with seemingly minimum movement, staying longer in poses (2-6 minutes), and holding to safely stretch internal muscle layers. These longer stretches also reach the connective tissue and ligament fascia that beautifully glues the body together. This class is for keeping our joints mobile and developing the qualities of stillness and quietude. Yin Yoga is also a perfect complementary practice to the more Yang activities (Power Yoga, running, jogging, biking, etc) and re-establishes both mental and physical equilibrium, enabling you to experience the feeling of letting go and surrender. It is a time to pause and re-connect to what is important to you.

Yin/Yang: Active yoga balancing a vigorous Yang practice with Yin Yoga deep stretches. Class is usually full, please call to drop in.​

All classes are designed for all levels of ability. Please call ahead to let us know special requirements due to physical limitations.


Introduction to Meditation
Curious about mediation? Join us for an overview of meditation including techniques and types of practice, health benefits, and tips for starting your own meditation practice. Class will include mild stretching to support the body in releasing stress, as well as seated meditation. This class is appropriate for beginners seeking a deeper focus, stillness, and peace that mediation can offer. No experience necessary; wear comfortable clothes.

Restorative Yoga
In the yoga of "being" rather than "doing," props and bolsters support the body in postures that promote deep relaxation and awareness. The postures of restorative yoga are designed to release deeply held tensions, soothe the nervous system, and strengthen the immune system, allowing the body to heal, restore, and renew. The class ends with a guided meditation while lying down, leaving your body and mind relaxed and recharged. Appropriate for all levels.
Held monthly, limited to 12 students-- call (813) 849-2886 to reserve your space today!

Yoga Nidra
Known as "yogic sleep," yoga nidra is an experience of deep relaxation, self-healing, and integration. It involves systematically releasing the body, breath, and mind as your attention is gently guided into a deeply relaxed state of awareness. Yoga nidra is a deep and powerful meditation that helps one become more grounded, focused, and at peace. Wear comfortable clothes and bring your yoga mat. This practice is suitable for all practitioners; no experience necessary.
Held monthly-- call (813) 849-2886 to inquire about upcoming session.

NOTE: Classes begin on time. Group classes run anywhere between one hour and 15 minutes to one and a half hours depending on the current schedule. Private classes are not displayed here but are readily available. First time students should arrive early. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement.​

Advance Registration Required